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In addition to providing quality insurance solutions, richard mellish insurance services offers the following services to our customers.

Richard mellish insurance services offers you a number of ways to pay your premiums. Some of our insurers allow you to pay your premium monthly at no extra charge. Alternatively, we can arrange Premium Funding for approved customers. This allows you to spread your insurance premiums over 6 to 12 monthly instalments, meaning you can manage your premiums and cash flow.

Richard mellish insurance services is more than willing to assist you with your Workers Compensation requirements. Unlike other intermediaries, we see Workers Compensation as an integral part of any insurance solution and are happy to include it in the range of products we offer. In addition, rmis have access to industry specialists who will ensure you are paying the correct premium and have the correct Occupational Health and Safety guidelines in place.

Richard mellish insurance services can provide you with regular reviews of your insurance requirements, to ensure that your policy evolves with your needs. In addition, some of our insurers offer products to assist you to identify any areas that may need additional cover.

Richard mellish insurance services are always looking for ways to assist industry and specialist groups. We can tailor an insurance solution to suit your individual circumstances, providing you with specific covers at a competitive premium.

If you would like to see how we can assist you, please contact us

Richard mellish insurance services has recently launched a Community Rewards program, which can provide a passive income stream for your not-for-profit organisation. For more information on this exciting venture and how we give back to the community, please contact us